June 22, 2017

Novella/Novel Submissions


SUBMISSIONS WILL OPEN November 1ST AND CLOSE November 30th at midnight MST

Please read and follow our submission guidelines thoroughly! Failure to do so will result in automatic rejections.

That being said, Hindered Souls Press is a newly established, small independent press still in its infancy. We are hoping to take on 1-2 authors in 2018. Therefore, to be accepted your work must blow us away! Seriously, churn our intestines while opening our eyes to another view and understanding of this beautiful calamity we know as life. We are only considering complete novels/novellas, being a small press, we cannot afford to take on unfinished projects. So if your work is complete and you feel it is absolutely polished to the best of your ability, please continue on to our guidelines.

There are various definitions in which novellas and novels are categorized by word count in the literary industry. Hindered Souls Press markets theirs in the following manner:

Novellas—15k-29,999 words. Anything under 15k shall not be considered and will be rejected automatically.
Novels—30k+. We max out our novel submissions at 80k words. Anything over shall not be considered and will be rejected automatically.


What we are seeking:
As we explain in our anthology guidelines, we publish dark fiction. Dark fiction—to us—encompasses many aspects such as speculative, dark humor, deranged and weird and bizarre, transgressional, and macabre. We will consider other genres such as dystopian, post-apocalyptic, noir, sci-fi and fantasy (light on both), but the work must contain strong elements from the list.

We are not seeking nonfiction, fan-fiction, YA, or books with the intent to serialize. If you are unsure whether Hindered Souls Press is a good fit for your work, please do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with our available titles.

We will not consider collections such as short story, poetry, etc.

We do not accept reprints.

Long story short, we lean toward horror, weird, and transgressive fiction. We seek well written, uncanny, unorthodox works, but we feel the story must contain substance, it can’t be weird for the sake of weird, gory for the sake of gory. We want to feel like our souls have been put through a meat grinder and see the world differently when it’s all said and done, hence the name of our press.

Send a query letter via email to hinderedsoulspress(at)gmail(dot)com. Query letter should go in the body of the email. Query letter must include author’s actual name and pseudonym (if using one), an author bio, genre/s of work, and a brief book blurb (what you would place on back cover).
Attach a 1-2 page synopsis, include spoilers.
Novels-Attach first fifty (50) pages of book. Novellas-Attach entire manuscript.
Attach synopsis and first fifty (50) pages (or entire novella manuscript) as separate .doc, .docx, or .rtf attachments.
Subject line: “Novel (or) Novella Submission—Title—Author’s Name”

We hope to respond to all submissions within 2-3 months upon closing submissions (no later than the end of January is our goal). We will contact every submission with the decision regarding their work. If you are still interested in finding a home for your work here at Hindered Souls Press, send your submission.

Thank you for considering Hindered Souls Press!!