June 22, 2017

Dark Tales for Dark Nights Anthology Submissions

Submissions opening in 2018.


Submission Guidelines: I am also a writer and I understand that some of the guidelines today are broad and vague with a plethora of voids. I shall attempt to strip away the excess fat and leave you with my guidelines.

First thing’s first: THERE IS NO SUBMISSION FEE!

We are only accepting previously unpublished work. NO REPRINTS. Simultaneous works are accepted, please notify us in cover letter if this is the case or if accepted elsewhere before any contract is signed.

We are all adults and the stories are meant for adults. I am not worried about language and sex and such, as long as it’s done tastefully and assists the story, not overpower the story itself.

Genre: This is a horror anthology. Make it speculative, make it sci-fi, make it funny, make it weird, whatever, as long as horror is the overall theme, even if it’s light horror. Gore does not guarantee acceptance; a story that hooks us as readers and leaves us pondering our existence does.

Only one story per submission. I will accept simultaneous submissions, just please notify me in the cover letter. If it is accepted elsewhere, please have the courtesy to notify me promptly by e-mail so that the submission can be withdrawn. No reprints.

Please add brief bio in third person within the cover letter.

Word Count: Nothing more than 5k words, anything more shall be rejected without reading. Somewhere in between 2k and 4k would be that one taboo spot that forces nuns say at least four Hail Marys and two Our Fathers, but, ultimately, let the story decide.

Rights: We are purchasing first world publication rights and six months exclusivity. Upon the end of those six months after publication of said story, all rights immediately revert back to the author once it appears in Hindered Souls. You want to publish your own short story collection or submit it as a reprint elsewhere — or whatever– be my guest, all I ask for is that one tiny tag, “Originally Published in the Hindered Souls Anthology, Vol –.” Also, more than likely there will be edits.

Payment: $15 USD and a digital contributor’s copy. A contract will be sent to you upon acceptance into the anthology.

Format: I have come to learn that the majority of literary journals and anthologies tend to go with the William Shunn format. I shall also abide by this unwritten rule. If you are not familiar with it, follow the link for explanation. The publishing industry follows that format for the most part, I suggest you bookmark the page and learn it.

We are only accepting a set number of stories, so if you are interested, please send us your best, polished work for consideration. Submissions will close if we meet that number before deadline.

Please submit to: hinderedsoulspress(at)gmail(dot)com.  Simple subject line format: Submission: Title. Stories are to be attached as .docx, .doc, or .rtf files. Anything other than those specified shall go unread. I know, asshole, right?

Any inquiries can be e-mailed to hinderedsoulspress(at)gmail(dot)com with the word Inquiry in the subject line.