May 20, 2017



Siphon by A. A. Medina


Dr. Gary Phillips, the resident hematopathologist at Claybrook Medical Center, is a lonely man struggling with the duress of an all work and no play lifestyle.

Burdened with an unhealthy infatuation with his co-worker, a burning disdain for his boss, and an abusive relationship with his grandfather, Gary just can’t catch a break.

That is, until a workplace accident ushers in a bizarre, but empowering experience that evokes a new sense of self, forcing repressed memories to surface while encouraging him to pursue his fantasies with unconventional methods.

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Sugar Skulls by M.R. Tapia

“Life is a matter of death. Death is a matter of fact.”

Micah DeAtta learns this as he awakens with Death seated across from him, whetting his sickle. Micah has no choice but to converse with Death in order to figure out his own demise. As their conversations become a battle of wits, Micah is forced to relive prominent deaths of family and friends before learning of his own. Each death happens in real time, each correlating with the nine levels of the Aztec underworld. Before it is said and done, Micah will have been forced to face his fears, his losses, and the fact that although life may be too short, death is forever.

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The Die-Fi Experiment by M.R. Tapia

“I would like to welcome the world to The Die-Fi Experiment. Please join us in the fun that is the deterioration of the world by means of social media.” Marie and her husband are spending their honeymoon in Tokyo, Japan. While strolling the downtown streets, they are hoaxed into a chance at winning the latest cell phone: First to get through a maze of doors wins! Only they both awaken amidst a sadistic live-stream gameshow. Marie competes against a man while both of their partners are strapped down to chairs. The winner of the deranged challenges imposes extreme pain for their own partner while the loser receives their own form of demented punishment. As it goes on, more and more people around the World Wide Web tune in. The winner of the entire competition gets the chance to fight one last time for their ultimate chance of survival against their own partner…to the death! Will Marie and her husband get the chance to have their first fight as a married couple, and if they do, who will be the last one standing? (Contains excerpt from M.R. Tapia’s forthcoming novel ‘Sugar Skulls’.

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Hindered Souls: Dark Tales for Dark Nights Vol. 1

Hindered Souls is a collection of twenty-five stories from twenty-one of the brightest emerging authors from all around the world. The stories within are surreal, mind bending and soul wrenching.

With tales by: Gary Buller; Jeremy Joseph Light; M.R. Tapia; Marie Anderson; Christine Makepeace; Craig Bullock; Kevin M. Folliard; Joseph Benedict; Raven McAllister; Robert Allen Lupton; Theresa Braun; Jeff Dosser; Bekki Pate; William Marchese; Wondra Vanian; Mileva Anastasiasou; Gareth Gray; DJ Tyrer; Sarah Gribble; Kristyl Gravina; Brian Hamilton

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Eat The Rich by Renee Miller-July 2018

Jesus of Scumburg by Leo X. Robertson-December 2018